Muñoz, Francelia


I am Ms. Muñoz, and I am your child’s Social Studies teacher at Hornedo Middle School.  This is a brief introduction and an opportunity for me to demonstrate how fortunate I am for having your child as a student. As I look towards the future, I feel a sense of pride to be part of the Hornedo community, which includes you as our support.  I am positive that this school semester will be a success!  To ensure that success is realized, as a class we have finalized a few classroom expectations that we will all be responsible for adhering to.  As a teacher, I understand the importance of your support for your child.  It would be superb if you and your child discussed these expectations.  I also want to let it be known that my classroom is always open to you.  Feel free to visit me during my prep time between 10:05-10:50 a.m.  I am also available via email at or you can call me at Hornedo at 236-3300. I am also available @ 7:15 am & I am in campus until 3:15 if your child needs help or has any questions. Once again, thank you for your pivotal support in your child’s education.


STUDENTS: for home work updates check my calendar until we create the Edmodo accounts.

PARENTS:  I believe accountability is very important for my students to learn on their own. It is up to each individual student to know what is due & when. Schedules are still changing there for, NEXT WEEK I will go over how to use Edmodo & each student will create an account to track homework & classroom announcements. I have reserved a day in the computer lab to go over procedures with all students.  I am asking parents to be patient & allow your child to be responsible for their own work. If after the first week of implementing the website/ app (Edmodo) for homework is not working I will contact you personally so we can work on how to manage homework assignments. Please allow your child the opportunity to see if they are capable to do this task on their own. Thank you for all your support.

Each student has to create an account through Edmodo to have access to homework & due dates as well as class updates. Click on the Emodo button to get the link. Each class has a different group code email me to get yours.

Edmodo is free for teachers and students—and always will be. Available online and for Android, iOS, and Windows, Edmodo is trusted by educators because it’s:
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With intuitive features and unlimited storage, quickly create groups, assign homework, schedule quizzes, manage progress, and more. With everything on one platform, Edmodo reinforces and enhances what we already doing in the classroom.