Edmisten, Leo

Mr. Edmisten
8th Grade Science
Dr. Hornedo Middle School

     Welcome to 8th grade science.  Our class is a laboratory based investigation of a variety of topics.  Answers to questions like, 'Why is the sky blue?', 'What makes the wind blow?' and 'Why does El Paso look like it does?' will be found.
     I have taught 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade science.  I have the advantage of knowing where my students have been and where they are going.  My wife is also a teacher.  We have two wonderful grown children and two terrific grandsons.  We enjoy going to Cloudcroft, N.M. as often as possible.
     I check my e-mail several times a day, so please contact me with concerns.  I have found the best route to success is communication.
     Please look at the other pages for more information.