Alvarado, Raul


Dear Parents,

The coaching staff here at Dr. Hornedo Middle are looking forward to another fun filled year!

In all of our Physical Education classes students will be actively engaged in different games, and activities that will not only enhance their motor skills & intellect, but motivate them to be active, and healthy for a lifetime. In health class, students will learn the importance of proper nutrition, personal hygiene & work on different group projects which will allow them to collaborate their efforts with fellow classmates, thus raising their self esteem & sharpening their social skills. 

Here at Hornedo we strive for our students to achieve the highest goals fitness, well being, and academics. Join us in the journey!


Raul Alvarado             

Gary Peden                

Nancy E. McGoldrick-Rivera

Jessica Angerstein      

Robert Erivez
Norma Meza