1. Will the library be open the first day of school? 

Hornedo library will open as soon as the student upload is complete I will try my best to have the library open to all patrons starting the first day of school.

2. What are the library hours?

This library is open from 7:15 am and closes at 3:15 pm. The library is 
not open during lunch. Food, water, gum and cell phones are not allowed in the library at any time. 

3. How many library items can a student checkout? 

Students can checkout three items at a time.

TWO books - due in three weeks     


                  ONE magazine - due in one week. 

As long as you return your books on time, you can come every day to check out TWO books & ONE magazine.

You can renew magazines and/or books as many times as you need to; just remember to bring them with you when you renew them. 

BTW You can only have ONE magazine checked out at any time. 

4. Why can students only checkout 1 magazine?

Since there are 1100+ students and only twelve magazine subscriptions, the magazines are due in one week to allow others to enjoy them. You can checkout a magazine every day if you wish; as long as you bring the other one back on time. You can renew magazines as many times as you need to, but remember to bring it so it can get re-stamped. 

5. What happens if I return something late (after the due date)? 

This library, like all other secondary libraries in the district, charges late fines. The late fine is assessed automatically by the automation software as soon as the item is returned. There is a maximum late fine of $5.00 dollars per item. 

6. Why does Hornedo library charge fines?

It is district policy for all libraries to charge fines. Campus Account Manual Section 24.4 states: "Middle/High/Secondary Libraries. Fines will be charged on all secondary campuses at a rate of ten-cent fine per day for each overdue book; ten-cent per period for overnight material." 

Maximum fine per item to be charged is five dollars. No fines are charged for holidays, weekends, or excused absences(bring your excused note).

FYI: Late fines and lost book notices are printed every month and are distributed to all English teachers. The first print out is the first full week of each month beginning in October.

If for some reason you did not receive a notice go to Hornedo Library on-line catalog and check My Account.  
Click here to go directly to this site.

  • Select My Account from the green tabs on the top of the screen.


  • Toggle between Checked out and Fines/Blocks to see the status of your account.

FYI The library cannot take money out from your cafeteria account to pay your library fines.

BTW It is the responsibility of each student to notify parents and/or guardians of any late, lost or damaged fines.

  • PLEASE DO NOT LEND LIBRARY ITEMS TO ANYONE! If you have lost, misplaced or damaged a library book you will need to pay for it, not your friend.

7. Can library computers be used at anytime?

  • Since the library has only 20 computers they can only be used for research, homework and to use the card catalog.


  • Library computers are NOT for: playing games, reading e-books, surfing web sites, chat rooms, listening to music or anything else that is not school related.


  • You may print text only pages that are intended for school work.


  • You are not allowed to print any images, photos, pictures, or cartoons of any kind. The library is on a very tight budget and I do not have funds to buy more than one cartridge a year.


  • If you wish to donate a cartridge (they cost about $180.00) come and see me and I will give you the printer's information.

8. Do I need a pass to come to the library? 

a) During school hours from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. you need a library pass. All teachers have library passes; students without a library pass will be sent back to class to get one.

b) Before or After school you do not need a library pass.

c) Please remember that if you choose to misbehave you will be asked to leave. 

d) You are not allowed to use your cell phone at any time in the library (BEFORE SCHOOL, DURING SCHOOL OR AFTER SCHOOL). Your phone will be picked up and you must retrieve it in the office. This is a district policy. 

e) All students are financially responsible for late fines, lost book fines or damaged book fines. This is set by the district. It is each student's responsibility to inform his/her parent(s) or legal guardian of such fines. If for some reason you are unable to pay for your late fine, damaged book fine, or lost book fine, Ms. Henderson has approved for you to do community service at the library.

Please see Mrs. Livermore to schedule it.