Minor, Patricia


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Please familiarize yourself with the Student Handbook.
See Parent Portal (at www.episd.org) for student grades, tardies and absences.

My email - paminor@episd.org

Supplies List for Regular Language Arts Class: Every day you will need:  One 3 subject spiral notebook, One red pen, One blue, black or purple pen.  Please bring one big box of tissues--THANK YOU!

ELAR HOMEWORK!!! Parents, I rarely give homework.  Really.  We do all of our work in class.

MAKE UP WORKI write down all the assignments on a long green sheet of paper that is on the white board.  All handouts needed are in a brown folder underneath the Make Up Work list.  When the student returns from his/her absence, they simply need to jot down what assignments they missed, pick up the handouts necessary to complete the assignment and turn it in the next day.