Hunyadi, Kati

Ms. Hunyadi

Welcome to 7th/ 8th Grade Spanish 1A/B,
8th Grade Spanish 2A/B
and 6th grade Invitation to languages.


Bienvenidos a todos!! 7th/8th Grade Spanish 1A/B

This Class is for High school Credit. Fall semester is 1A and Spring semester is 1B.

In the end of the year, if both classes are passed you will receive 1 full credit!! This is a beginners class and it's for Non-Native students!!

Please read Parent letter under Forms and Docs to the right!

Spanish 2A/B

This class is also for High school credit but more advanced for Non-Native Speakers !! Must have passed Spanish 1A/B. Approval needed to be in this class!

Willkommen, Bienvenu, Benvenuto and Kangei!!! Welcome to "Invitation to Languages"

This class is for 6th graders only, it's an elective and lots of fun if you want to learn geography, history, culture and basic words in French, Italian, Latin, German and Japanese!!!

Parent letter was passed out in my classroom, if you child did not show it to you please get another one from me.